1. Hi Serene, I find her generally ok – quite willing to cook and do simple housework, but it took me a while to get used to her and her chatty character (at times she upset me cos she say the wrong thing to my in law, but may be cos I was more sensitive then). Also, you need to let her know specifically on what you want/likes, sometimes she assume on things but I didn't condemn her cos I too lazy to tell her.

    My friends SIL likes her a lot and the other family who engaged her praised her a lot too when I go to pass her the deposit, so I guess it depends on individual chemistry.

  2. Thank you for your reply. 😉

    Few questions:
    – Did she know what to cook on a daily basis or did she expect you to tell her what to do?

    – Is she good in herbs, tonic soups etc?

    – Does she support breastfeeding? I have heard of stories where CL was lazy and told mummies to feed formula milk powder.

    Thank you!

  3. HI, Answers to your questions:
    – I usually leave it up to her to decided. You can find some of the food she cooked on my FB album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1103307246346089.1073741857.100000004724562&type=1&l=f183f7340f. I have friends who dropped by my house and she cook for them too, so far 1 friend say her cooking is good and 1 friend say hers is so-so (compared to their CL) so I guess her cooking is mid-range?

    – I am not sure about "good" but she know how to double boil chick essence soup and usually cook a tonic soup for me every night

    – She claim she support breastfeeding but for my case, I was encourage to feed formula milk at night and breastfeed in day time. Actual fact is SOMETIMES in day time, she also feed baby formula. But she did massage for me to clear the block duct once and keep asking me to drink to improve my milk flow.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing. That's more than 10% increase!
    I was also told that she's very pro-breastfeeding by a friend who recommended her but reading your comments above, I'm hesitant about engaging her now… @_@

  5. Is this your first baby/first time engage a CL? In my opinion you can still go with her but just be clear on what you want and expectation. Few possibility why my experience is different from fren might be:
    – I was sleeping with hubby & bb with her so she dun wan keep coming into our room
    – I was really clueless then on how to lay & feed + appear tired (due to my age?)
    – I didn't think much water do CL not confident of my output?
    – baby is constantly hungry all the time! (myth say cos I control my diet during pregancy thus baby come out tiam jiak)

    She's quite a "chin cai" lady and if you also "chin cai", can just go with her

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